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FIWFA World Nations Cup 2023


The Canadian Walking Soccer Association made our international debut in the Federation of International Walking Football Association’s inaugural World Nations Cup with a national team in the Over 60s division.


Walking soccer players, selected from across Canada made their way to the historical St. George’s Park in Derby, England. Our representatives came from across the nation, including players from Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

Canada shocked the walking soccer world, finishing in an outstanding 4th place in the Over 60s division of the tournament.

Canada had a largely successful group stage, beating the likes of South Korea 6-0, Japan 3-1, and the Basque Country 3-0. The only losses registered were against England and France, both of whom were tipped to win it all. Finishing 3rd in the group stage, Canada qualified for the quarterfinals with ease.


The quarter-final tie against a well-drilled Northern Ireland team was predicted to be a tough match, and that's the way it panned out, with both teams playing toe-to-toe in a tight contest. It took a late goal from Canada's Bill Chapman to break the deadlock and give Canada a monumental 1-0 victory.

Canada's opponent in the semi-final were the tournament favourites, England. Despite a great team effort, Canada fell short to England's quality. However, the team could take some consolation from scoring twice against England, through Canada's leading goal scorer Patrick Brodie, and Vancouver Island's Rob Jonas. Beyond that, Canada finished in a remarkable 4th place, a result to make the entire nation proud.

Every player made their mark, but a big congratulations also out goes to Canada's unsung hero at the back, goalkeeper George Lubberts. His incredible display in goal earned him the Best Goalkeeper Award for the Over 60s division.

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