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We are looking for eager volunteers to join the CWSA team!

Outreach Team

Do you have a passion for sports and are interested in engaging with sporting communities? If so, a role in the outreach team may be a great fit for you!

Through this role, you'll be supporting existing Walking Soccer programs while contributing to the development of new programs across Canada. This will involve engaging with existing programs to understand their growth and identify potential barriers.

Graphics and Tech Team

Have an eye for design and know your way around tech? Your role on the graphics and tech team will involve contributing to CWSA website changes and updates, as well as designing graphics and creating videos for our social platforms.

Creatives Team

If you have an interest in blogging, social media management, or have some level of involvement in Walking Soccer and would like to be a part of sharing yours as well as others' experiences in the game, we have a role for you on our creatives team!

As part of this team, you will help in interviewing other Walking Soccer members of the community, crafting engaging blog posts, and creating various types of content for our websites and social media platforms.​

Director Role

We are looking for someone who is passionate about taking the lead on initiatives within the organization.

This includes engaging with various communities to spread awareness of Walking Soccer, helping direct initiatives in the creatives team, and providing general support across the different teams.

If any of these roles interest you, please email us at

If these roles aren't a right fit, please feel free to contact us with your resume/CV - we're more than happy to consider other roles based on our needs.

*Please include your name and role of interest in the email subject line. In the email body, tell us why you think you'd be a good fit and we'll be in contact.

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