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Fabio Silva - Avid Walking Soccer Player
Fabio Silva

Fabio Silva is the youngest player at the walking soccer program in Oakville, ON. Soccer has been a big part of his life, and he’s recently joined his community’s walking soccer program and shared his great experiences so far.

On his introduction to walking soccer…

Being Brazilian, soccer is in my blood. I adore playing soccer. Because I wore glasses as a child, I struggled to play well. It was a great moment when I began playing regular soccer seven years ago, after moving to Canada. I had a great time playing during the summer, however, since I had a back injury, the issue grew worse, making it difficult for me to play regular soccer. I decided to play walking soccer to avoid extra contact in my back and avoid getting injured again. So, I’ve been playing walking soccer for one year now, and it’s been a great thing, an amazing experience.

On the benefits of playing walking soccer as a younger player…

It's a mental game because there are different rules and you can't run or head the ball. You have to be precise. It seems like it won't be much fun when you get to the pitch, but it turns out to be a lot of fun. I've been playing for more than a year, which has been wonderful. We have a lot of competition among ourselves, which I love because we support our team. Everyone applauds when someone makes a magical play, a great pass, or an outstanding shot. Any age can enjoy it because the spirit is present.

On joining the Oakville walking soccer community…

I enjoy interacting with a variety of people, particularly those who are more experienced than I am. My mother visited us from Brazil and joined us for four or five weeks of walking soccer. We made great connections with various people and it was a boundless experience for me. I am certain that I will continue to play with this fantastic group.

On his goals since joining walking soccer…

My objectives were to exercise more frequently, move around more throughout the week, prevent injuries, and build up my back.

I am regaining my strength and am aware of my limitations as well as what I can and should not do. Before, any movement or additional strength could make my back hurt. Since then, walking soccer has greatly aided me in becoming more aware of what I am capable of, and I haven't experienced any back issues.

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